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Ideal-Living offers a free comprehensive service that begins with helping you find your ideal lifestyle. Until you know how you want to live, you can’t know where you want to live. We offer a wide array of tools to help you get answers to the questions that are keeping you from moving to your ideal destination. Find the best retirement communities. Find the best 55 + communities. Find the best active adult communities.  Find the states with no retirement income tax. Then compare across all the things you think are important for your ideal lifestyle.

We can provide information on retirement communities in popular retirement states such as Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. We also work with communities in states such as Tennessee, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, Delaware and many more. Have a particular city in mind? We can help there. Many popular relocation destinations are among our list of communities in cities such Charleston, Naples, Wilmington, Ocala, and Williamsburg just to name a few. 

You can get specific information that is critical to helping you find best retirement cities, states and communities. You’ll find out information such as:

The Most Tax Friendly States

Tax Benefits for Retirees in Specific States

Best Climates

States with the Lowest Cost of Living

Population & Demographics

How to Get the Most for Your Home

Proximity of Schools, Hospitals, Airports & Entertainment

Because we can give you first-hand information on so many communities, virtually any type of community or neighborhood is available for you to consider, such as:

Gated Communities
Golf Communities
Active Adult Communities
Mountain Communities
Lake Communities
Green Communities
Coastal Communities
Inland Communities
University Towns
Small Towns
Vacation Homes
Luxury Homes
Affordable Homes for Retirement

There are plenty of options for you, which is great, but it can also seem overwhelming. Buying a second home or a retirement home is a major decision, and we are here to help you find the best place to retire. All of our resources are free,  so sign up for any or all of our publications using the simple form above and we’ll send what you need directly to your doorstep.

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