The Tribute Experience: 2015 ideal Home


ideal_home_living_1The Tribute Homes Experience

Tribute Homes creates an atmosphere of luxury, tranquility, adventure and well-being in the best locations and communities in the Carolinas.

The biggest private builder in the Carolinas, True Homes, USA, founded in 2007, developed the Tribute Homes brand and Tribute Communities to cater to the 50+ market. Baby boomers are looking to get exactly what they want in a home and community in the Carolinas. Whether inland in a lakeside community or in coastal locales, prospective homeowners can find the lifestyle of choice in the home of their dreams in one of the many Tribute Communities scattered across North and South Carolina.

It’s All About Options

The Carolinas are known for topographical diversity that appeals to a range of lifestyles. Tribute Homes and their communities were designed to mirror this diversity of options on all levels. Whether adjacent to the coast, nestled just beyond river banks among the oaks and southern pines, or overlooking sprawling lakes, Tribute Homes are located in areas with the broadest of menu options for prospective homebuyers with a range of lifestyle needs. With coastal communities designed for those ready to kick back and enjoy, golf communities for those ready to live their lives near the award-winning greens, and lakeside communities offering the luxury of duality in an environment that calls for both adventure and tranquility, Tribute Homes has found idyllic places for everyone.

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What Homebuyers Want

If location is everything, then home design is a close second. And, with Tribute Homes, every customer gets what they want. Tribute Homes executive partner, Jeff Cargnel, says that Tribute customers want options. They want to collaborate with the homebuilder to create the home they don’t ever want to leave.

ideal_home_masterbath_1The Tribute brand offers four collections: Carolina Classic, Carolina Premier, Carolina Legacy and the Design Collection by SH Studios. Flexibility is built into each of the plans. It is the goal of Tribute Homes to provide more space for the money with better style and better quality.
“Customers like to be able to customize their homes to their personal needs. For many of our customers, their needs are multi-generational, meaning that they need a home that will comfortably host children and grandchildren when visiting, and will accommodate elderly parents that may live with them,” said Cargnel.

Some of the most popular features requested are:

  • Multiple master suites
  • Outdoor living area and the ability to integrate outdoor space with interior living area
  • Gourmet kitchens with space to host
  • Second-story guest suites
  • Multi-use work areas (laundry/computer desk/craft area)
  • Spacious master bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • Ample natural lighting

What Tribute Homeowners Can Expect

Tribute Communities offer amenities conducive to the lifestyle they’re built around. And, they offer homes that can be customized to fit exactly what customers want their futures to look like. “We are responsive to our customers’ needs,” said Cargnel, “and we have the ability to customize each home to each customer’s individual preferences.”

“We focus on the features and materials our customers want,” Cargnel said. “We are flexible and able to respond quickly to changes in market demands and satisfy the demands of our customers as they request additional energy-efficient sustainable features and materials going forward.”
In the end, it’s all about the homeowner. Tribute Homes exists to ensure that customers get no less than exactly what they want.

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The Tribute Experience

Tribute Homes builds luxurious, yet affordable homes in the best established master-planned communities along the North Carolina coast, in addition to developing their own Tribute Communities around the Charlotte area. Tribute provides quality homes and lifestyles for everyone, with prices ranging from the mid-$150,000s to $1,000,000. In keeping with the times, Tribute Homes has even established a social network, Tribute Connect, for homeowners to virtually connect with others in their community or in surrounding Tribute Communities regarding a variety of established clubs and groups or to socialize and connect on other matters.

Tribute Communities are designed to bring people who enjoy similar lifestyles together to create a community they can relate to. They’re designed to allow homeowners to live a life that meets their standards, to surround themselves with people who bring out the best in them, and to have access to the amenities and options that enhance their futures.

“We have a saying in our company,” says Cargnel, “We build exclusively for family members and friends. We aspire to make each customer’s experience outstanding. That is our definition of success.”

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