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Puerto Rico: The Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret

Puerto Rico: The Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret With its palm-fringed white sand beaches, warm turquoise waters and verdant rainforest, Puerto Rico is as dreamy a Caribbean island as Bermuda, Jamaica, Antigua or the Bahamas. Its culture is a vibrant blend of Spanish, Taíno Indian, African and American influences. This tropical, salsa music-filled paradise is a […]

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The Allure of Water – Lake Living

An almost primitive connection draws people to water_to the lakes, rivers and oceans. Maybe part of that reason is that, biologically speaking, human beings are about 70 percent water. Aesthetically speaking, however, who can resist the calming effect of watching the gentle ripples lap at the shore. The power of water to wash away concerns and leave you feeling refreshed cannot be ignored. […]

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Living in Costa Rica

The cold, the slush, the snow, the endless on-and-off of parkas, gloves and boots-it’s reached a point where something must be done. There has to be another way, and, fortunately, there is. Go south, where the weather is warm, the costs are lower and the living is easy. Well, maybe it’s not quite that simple-but it’s certainly worth considering when the cold weather has reached too deep into your soul. […]

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