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The Importance of Preparing for Long Term Care

The reality is, the longer you live, the greater the likelihood that you may require long term care. The costs associated with long term care are significant. While it can take decades to accumulate the assets you need to comfortably retire, just a couple of years paying for long term care may threaten a lifetime of savings. […]

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New Residents in the Lowcountry: Angus “A B” Llewellyn

Venture Out to the Lowcountry

New Residents in the Lowcountry: South Carolina Coastal Communities “It’s important to find the things that you love… and do them.” Angus “A B” Llewellyn was born and raised in South Carolina, went to law school in Columbia, SC, and then lived in Washington, DC, for most of his life. It’s time to return to […]

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Universal Kitchen Design Allows for Aging in Place

Universal Kitchen Design Allows for Aging in Place Today’s new technology and universal design practices enable boomers to ‘age in place,’ so they can stay in the comfort of their own homes throughout their lives. This eliminates the need for expensive and stressful moves or remodels later in life due to an all-ages, all-abilities approach. […]

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