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Top-Ranked Amenities: Fitness Centers and Walking Trails

Top-Ranked Amenities: Fitness Centers and Walking Trails By Nancy Gross Embracing an active lifestyle has never been easier for retirees who choose to live in communities with fitness centers and walking trails. From North Carolina to Florida, from Colorado to Arizona, communities that attract the most retirees boast recreational activities that go well beyond the […]

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Ghost Tours: Take a Walk on the Dark Side

The Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington

A few favorite Southern ghost stories and the tours that tell them best…Every town has them, ghosts, ghost stories, and other terrifying tales. But, honestly, the South seems a bit more saturated with accounts of ghastly apparitions perusing both public places and personal spaces found in and around its humid, oak-lined streets. […]

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Romantic Getaways

With holiday travels long over with and summer vacation months away, now is the perfect time to break out of your routine and go on a long romantic weekend with your significant other. If you can time it so that it falls on Valentine’s Day, even better! But we think it’s possible to fill any weekend with love. Here are a few weekend trips we came up with to rekindle the romance. […]

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