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Unplugged, Not Disconnected – Modern Lifestyles on Two Carolina Islands

By JG Walker. Previously published in the 2015 Summer Issue. Most of the developed islands along the American Atlantic coastline have bridges that connect them with the mainland. So that we and a few hundred (or thousand) of our new anonymous neighbors can “get away from it all” by driving straight to paradise—and immediately recreating […]

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Cottage Living — Cozy up on the Coast

By Jamie Penn. Previously published in the 2015 Spring Issue. Cottage Living – Cozy up on the Coast. A less-is-more, downsizing trend among homebuyers has sent developers, builders, and architects to the cottage-style drawing board. The term “cottage” fits neatly into the box of vernacular architecture, with roots in the late Anglo-Saxon, early Norman era […]

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Garden Trends for 2015

Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor University of Vermont Health, nature, and living outdoors  are some of the key gardening trends nationwide for this coming year.  Each year, the Garden Media Group (www.gardenmediagroup.com)– a marketing firm for the home and garden industry—identifies key trends for the coming season. For 2015 they’ve pegged nine of these, which […]

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Looking for Mites and Other January Gardening Tips

Leonard Perry, UVM Extension Horticulturist and Charlie Nardozzi, Horticulturist Checking houseplants for spider mites and other insects, cleaning bird feeders, and disinfecting seed starting containers are some of the gardening activities for this month. Aphids and spider mites may be multiplying like crazy amidst your houseplants, especially if they are grouped close together. Isolate each […]

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