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Four Ideal Homes In One Ideal Community

Edgewater Bay Creek

Four Ideal Homes In One Ideal Community Bay Creek, Cape Charles, VA Pictured above – Edgewater Bay Creek, Cape Charles, VA By Kelly Godbey Ideal-LIVING magazine is proud to announce four magnificent homes are under construction at Bay Creek in Cape Charles, VA, as the 2016 ideal-LIVING Ideal Homes. This is the first time we […]

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Today’s Energy-Efficient Home

By Andy Sinclair. Previously published in the 2016 Winter Issue. Whether Tudor, Colonial, log cabin, Cape Cod, bungalow, Craftsman, A-frame, ranch, Pueblo, bi-level, split level, farmhouse, townhouse, cottage, Adirondack, rammed earth, or geodesic, today’s home can (must) be energy-efficient. In today’s economy, you literally cannot afford to have an energy-inefficient home. What exactly is an […]

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ideal towns >> amelia island, fl

Amelia Island — Awe-inspiring in Harmony with Nature by Scott Kauffman When the Sea Pines Company started developing Amelia Island Plantation 25 years ago in northeast Florida, the ground-breaking company set an ambitious goal of creating and operating a residential resort community that was harmonious with nature to the highest order. Sea Pines Co., led […]

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Unplugged, Not Disconnected – Modern Lifestyles on Two Carolina Islands

By JG Walker. Previously published in the 2015 Summer Issue. Most of the developed islands along the American Atlantic coastline have bridges that connect them with the mainland. So that we and a few hundred (or thousand) of our new anonymous neighbors can “get away from it all” by driving straight to paradise—and immediately recreating […]

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Cottage Living — Cozy up on the Coast

By Jamie Penn. Previously published in the 2015 Spring Issue. Cottage Living – Cozy up on the Coast. A less-is-more, downsizing trend among homebuyers has sent developers, builders, and architects to the cottage-style drawing board. The term “cottage” fits neatly into the box of vernacular architecture, with roots in the late Anglo-Saxon, early Norman era […]

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