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A Master Makeover: Rejuvenate Your Master Bedroom

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Your busy schedule doesn’t stop at home. Where will you go to rest, relax and rejuvenate? Is there an uplifting spot set aside just for you? Thankfully, such a refuge already exists: your master bedroom. It is easy and fun to transform your bedroom from a mere square on your floorplan into a restful and inspiring sanctuary. Below we chronicle the transformation of a master bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary for the homeowner. […]

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Biowalls – The Vertical Garden

Biowalls – The Vertical Garden Green walls (also known as biowalls, vertical gardens or vertical vegetated complex walls) are wall structures partly composed of or filled in with growing plant matter. More than just easy on the eyes, green walls work like green roofs by filtering air and water, soaking up carbon dioxide and helping […]

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