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Today’s Energy-Efficient Home

By Andy Sinclair. Previously published in the 2016 Winter Issue. Whether Tudor, Colonial, log cabin, Cape Cod, bungalow, Craftsman, A-frame, ranch, Pueblo, bi-level, split level, farmhouse, townhouse, cottage, Adirondack, rammed earth, or geodesic, today’s home can (must) be energy-efficient. In today’s economy, you literally cannot afford to have an energy-inefficient home. What exactly is an […]

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Listening Leads to Innovative Design

Listening Leads to Innovative Design It is often said the best things come to those who wait. While often overlooked, the same holds true for those who listen. After eight years of extensive research, planning, innovative design, and most importantly, listening to consumer needs, Stanaland Stewart Company is proud to announce a most innovative multi-family […]

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