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Surf’s Up for Baby Boomers

Surf’s Up For Baby Boomers Many Baby Boomers were first exposed to surfing when they saw Gidget, Hollywood’s 1959 version of Malibu’s beach scene. The success of Gidget ignited an explosion of beach movies in the ’60s, and surf culture quickly permeated the lifestyle of teenagers across America. Those same teenagers now account for the […]

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20 Top Walkable Cities

Walk… Dine… Explore Walk Your Way to Fitness in These Top Walkable Cities Many ask how do we postpone the aging process? That’s easy—walk. Ideal-Living has found that the number one requested amenity for resort communities is walking trails. So, we at Ideal-Living magazine have chosen some amazing cities to stroll along and take in […]

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The Importance of Preparing for Long Term Care

The reality is, the longer you live, the greater the likelihood that you may require long term care. The costs associated with long term care are significant. While it can take decades to accumulate the assets you need to comfortably retire, just a couple of years paying for long term care may threaten a lifetime of savings. […]

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