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Florida Ultimate Excursions

Florida Ultimate Excursions BRADENTON GET ON THE POT April 15 – 16
| Spring Pottery Sale 
Art Center Manatee | 
ArtCenterManatee.org Update your home and garden decor with original designs from the area’s most talented potters. Hosted by the ArtCenter Manatee, the local center for art exhibitions, special cultural events, and classes for painting, sculpture, photography, […]

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Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida Heaven on Earth| Equestrian Communties and Nature Trails As seen in the 2016 Winter Issue By Kim Henry With an average year-round temperature of 70 degrees, Ocala, FL, boasts a more than average year-round world of beauty and adventure. Ocala supports a rich equestrian life for breeders, seasoned riders, and visiting newbies alike. […]

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Phoenix, Arizona

Stunning Scenery and Endless Sunshine As seen in the winter 2016 Ideal-LIVING magazine by N. Gross Floating above Phoenix in a hot air balloon, you’ll experience the spectacular beauty of the colorful Sonoran Desert, and the rugged mountains that define the city’s horizon. Known as The Valley of the Sun, the scenic desert landscape features […]

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Jacksonville, Florida: Where Big and Beautiful Intersect

Jacksonville, Florida: Where Big and Beautiful Intersect As seen in the Winter 2016 Ideal-Living magazine By Jamie Penn By now, we all know that the state of Florida has some serious perks. Many of us would name warm winters, white sandy beaches, and pristine golf courses as top attractions, and we’d be right. Retirees and […]

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