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Category: 2016 Spring Issue

Virginia Ultimate Excursions

Virginia Ultimate Excursions WILLIAMSBURG A Revolutionary Living 
History Museum ColonialWilliamsburg.com Step back in time and visit the revolutionary city of colonial Williamsburg. Featuring hundreds of restored, reconstructed, and historically furnished buildings, Williamsburg was once the 18th century capital of Britain’s largest outpost in the New World. You’ll be captivated by costumed 
interpreters who tell the […]

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Florida Ultimate Excursions

Florida Ultimate Excursions BRADENTON GET ON THE POT April 15 – 16
| Spring Pottery Sale 
Art Center Manatee | 
ArtCenterManatee.org Update your home and garden decor with original designs from the area’s most talented potters. Hosted by the ArtCenter Manatee, the local center for art exhibitions, special cultural events, and classes for painting, sculpture, photography, […]

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Georgia Ultimate Excursions

Georgia Ultimate Excursions SAVANNAH SERVE & VOLLEY April 16 – 24
| St. Joseph’s Chandler Savannah Challenger The Landings Club 
| SavannahChallenger.com See top-rated US Tennis Association professionals in action at The Landings Club Franklin Creek Tennis Center on beautiful Skidaway Island. Stay for the weeklong tournament with evening matches and post-play entertainment, plus special Kids […]

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North Carolina Ultimate Excursions

North Carolina Ultimate Excursions PINEHURST AUTO PASSION Saturday, April 30 
| Concours d’Elegance
 | PinehurstConcours.com Concours d’Elegance, a French term meaning “competition of 
elegance,” dates back to 17th-century French aristocracy. Today’s Concours d’Elegance is staged on the lush fairways of the historic Pinehurst Resort. This stunning vintage car showcase features rare and pristine collector automobiles, which […]

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Sustainable Golf

A game-changing environment By JG Walker Environmentalists have long had a natural antipathy toward the golf business. That disdain was understandable in the days when many golf courses were created by clear-cutting, wetland-filling, and terra-forming, then maintained with large amounts of fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. Serious pollution regulation at the national level began with the […]

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