2015 Ideal Home: Videos


The 2015 Ideal Home Overview

Dan Horner of Tribute Homes provides an overview of the 2015 Ideal Home in Brunswick Forest. Tribute Homes partnered with SH Studios to create Carolina Luxe style that fuses great design with quality building techniques. Find out why this home has a good soul.

Meet the Builder:

Meet the ideal-LIVING 2015 Ideal Home builder, Dan Horner partner of Tribute Homes. Dan Horner tells why they chose the coastal Carolina location at Brunswick Forest just outside of Wilmington, NC.

Meet the designer:

Meet the ideal-LIVING 2015 Ideal Home designer, Martin Horner of SH Studios, a division of Soucie Horner, Ltd. Martin gives insight into the concepts behind the ideal home design. He also tells us what homebuyers want in a home today

The Designer Collection:

Tribute Homes and SH Studios partnered to form a unique designer collection, including the 2015 Ideal Home design. Click here to view more on the collection.