Wycliffe Stiffs 2015-16 Stickball League Kicked Off Its 14th Season

Wycliffe Stiffs 2015-16 Stickball LeagueIf you ever played a game of Stickball, you know just how much fun it can be. It’s a game similar to baseball, only players use a long thin stick and a soft rubber ball (better known as a Spaldeen). They trick is, they are not running bases like you think they would, but rather just running to catch the ball in between lines which represent a single, double and a home run. What makes all the difference in having a winning season, is a great team behind you. The “Wycliffe Stiffs” as they call themselves, mWycliffe Stiffs 2015-16 Stickball Leagueake up the Wycliffe Golf & Country Club Stickball League in Palm Beach County, FL. As they enter into their 14th season, this 88-person league is going stronger than ever. Players hail from Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, Boston and even as far as Texas.

Marty Ross, or better known as “The Commish”, went to the Wellington Parks & Recreation with the idea of bringing the game he grew up with back to life. Playing Stickball is just one part of the leagues’ success. Each player has their own story to tell about how they grew up with the game. Whether it’s playing on their local street corner or in their own backyard, each tale is different. Of course, having homemade chocolate egg creams while reminiscing just makes the experience even more nostalgic.

One of the most exciting parts about the Wycliffe Stiffs, is their Family Day, where they get kids involved so that they to can learn the game, and enjoy the same feeling their dad or grandpa got hitting that home run for the first time. There’s just nothing like it!

“It’s a blast from the past and our shot for the future. Playing Stickball as we did as kids is wonderful. We come together, build friendships, share stories and play our hearts out! Our goal has always been to keep Stickball a tradition, not just a game” said Marty Ross, League Director & Founding FaWycliffe Stiffs 2015-16 Stickball Leaguether of the 1st Palm Beach County Senior Stickball League.

The season kicked off on November 3, 2015 and will run until March 29, 2016 at Wellington Parks & Recreation in Wellington, FL. Contact [email protected] for further information.

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