Wycliffe Employee Gives the Gift of Life to Those in Need

Wycliffe Employee Gives the Gift of Life
Wycliffe Employee Gives the Gift of Life to Those in Need
The word “Superhero” is defined as a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, but for Wycliffe Golf & Country Club employee, Carol Masters, she’s anything but fictitious. In fact, some call her a real life hero. As a blood and plasma donor for the past two decades, Carol has saved hundreds of lives with her gift to help others in need.

It all started for her in 1985 when she started to donate her AB+ positive blood at the South Florida Blood Bank. After noticing others were hooked up to machines making their donations, she asked someone there if they were donating blood as well. They said they were donating their platelets, but after learning her blood type AB+ has a universal donor for plasma, Carol immediately chose to give two gifts rather than one. Most of the blood and plasma she gives goes to burn victims and those with bleeding disorders. After each donation is made, the staff gets right on the phone to match her plasma with someone who needs it. She’s never met any of the recipients of her blood or plasma, but she does know that for each donation, she saves the lives of three people.

Back in 2003, Carol made her 100th plasma donation to the Royal Palm Beach Branch of the South Florida Blood Bank and was recognized by the local media, including The Palm Beach Post and the Royal Palm Beach Neighborhood Post. To put it in perspective, imagine spending one hour every month, no matter what, hooked up to a machine at the blood bank. To some, it might be a daunting task, but for Carol Masters, it’s a rewarding experience. It puts a smile on her face just knowing she’s giving the gift of life to a complete stranger.Wycliffe

Fast forward to 2015. Carol has made her 168th donation which gives her the prestigious title of a 21 Gallon Donor!

“It is so rewarding to know that I am giving the gift of life with each blood donation. As a 21 gallon donor, I have helped a total of 504 people. My AB+ blood is helping to save the lives of 3 babies each time” said Masters.

As a dedicated staff member at Wycliffe for the past 19 years, Carol has been at the forefront of our community as our Membership Coordinator. We not only value her as a longtime member of our team, but we are very proud to call her our hero.

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