Three Walkable Cities to Explore in the Fall

Fall puts a magic in the air that belongs to no other season. The world’s colors become a little darker: a little deeper. It’s a time for favorite sweaters and spiced foods; it sparks the idea that the end of the year is just around the corner, and that blinking too fast will cause you to miss it. Scarecrows line the cornfields of the south, birds begin migrating back from the north, and children all around build in anticipation of the holiday spirit. So, now that it’s finally not so hot, throw on a jacket and get outside to enjoy fall’s most walk-able cities, and most breath-taking landscapes.

North Carolina Communities - Walkable Cities - Wilmington NC - RiverwalkWilmington, North Carolina empties its summer tourists out once the weather cools—and the beaches are once again open for campfires (with free parking in October!). The boardwalks on the Atlantic Ocean are just as lovely and blue, still not frigid with winter’s cold. The city’s notorious filming schedules are put into full swing, making it possible to watch different movies being made around different nooks and alleys throughout the city. The downtown area, which lines the Cape Fear River, is full of boutiques and restaurants to impress even the most fickle of shoppers. The sidewalks are open and the air is salty throughout this seaside historic town. Wilmington offers a chance to explore the city every day with communities nearby that you can call home: Brunswick Forest, Landfall, Compass Pointe, Bill Clark Homes, River Landing, St. James Plantation, Palmetto Creek, and Windsor Park.

Georgia Communities - Savannah GA - Downtown Savannah - Walkable CitiesSavannah, Georgia finds itself haunted by the ghosts of the South in the fall—as nightly ghost tours by trolley, train, or walker kick into high gear at the end of August. Halloween is particularly popular in this city lined by Spanish-moss laden oaks and ornate grave sites to some of America’s most noteworthy battle leaders. It is said that these ghosts can be seen best when taking photos which develop in red rooms—the ghosts preferring the old fashioned methods of film. The confectionaries here finally release their pumpkin fudges and warm, apple and caramel soaked desserts. It is on the cobble made streets where the gypsies offer to read hands and tell fortunes, always happy to read the future of people walking by. You can enjoy this walkable city year round in communities like Savannah Quarters, WaterWays Township, The Landings, and Osprey Cove.

Pennsylvania Communities - Lancaster PA - Dutch Amish country side  - Walkable CitiesLancaster, Pennsylvania blooms fully in the autumn months—famous for its large population of Dutch Amish residents. The city cannot help but to reflect this in its neat, quaint manner. Horse-drawn carriages move swiftly on the roadsides, and little shops of homemade (incredible, ornate, sturdy) goods are popular draws for old-souls from around the nation. Churches here are simple in architecture and stand out against the lavish, green countryside: every one of them making for scenic views. The food here is rich and made from scratch in the truest sense, and Lancaster is a town known for its fabulous pies. A city made for walkers, it is impossible not to see something picture worthy daily. Penn National is a community nearby this beautiful city, making it easy to explore Lancaster whenever you want.

For wherever your Autumn travels take you, people in every city are busy nestling into the beginning of the season and preparing for the holidays. Get outside, and explore some of these cities and best places to retire! You can finally unpack your favorite sweater, brew a latte, and go see what the chilly months have to offer.

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Communities Near Wilmington, NC:

Brunswick Forest

Compass Pointe


St. James Plantation

Bill Clark Homes

Windsor Park

River Landing

Palmetto Creek of the Carolinas

Communities Near Savannah, GA:

Savannah Quarters

The Landings on Skidaway Island

WaterWays Township

Osprey Cove

Communities in Pennsylvania:

Penn National Golf Course Community


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