Tennis Retirement Communities

Tennis Communities

Tennis lovers of a certain age tend to convene in the Southern US to enjoy their matches. Mild winters and sunny summers make tennis a year-round sport, attracting many professionals and semi-professionals to the coasts and warm climates. No matter your skill level, Tennis Communities offerss a place for all retirees interested in maintaining the sporty elegance of this active retirement lifestyle.

Active Adult Tennis Leagues

Tennis CommunitiesOne way to rate the quality of a Tennis Community is to observe the amount of leagues in the area. Different levels of leagues ensure that seniors will have someone to rally with regardless of their experience with a racquet. An abundance of well-lit private and public courts surrounding these popular Tennis Communities ensures that any time a resident wants to play, he or she can.

The southern east coast states are especially renowned for their Tennis Retirement Communities. South Carolina offers their residents close to 600 courts in the city of Charleston alone. Charleston’s big event is the annual Family Circle Cup women’s pro event that often draws large crowds from the surrounding community. Similarly, Atlanta, Georgia plays host to a record breaking number of leagues. The most popular of which is the USTA, or the United States Tennis Association, which has leagues and tournaments open all over the country. Depending on your chosen community, you can also take part in Ultimate Tennis, K2, and Visionary tournaments.


Gated Tennis Retirement Communities

Does the tournament circuit sound too grand for you? Maybe a more low-key gated tennis retirement community would be better suited. Much like a Gated Golf Community, residents live in the fenced-in neighborhood and exclusively use the amenities as they please. The pace of these types of communities is much more recreational and leisurely than the communities that draw competition from outside the gates.

Again, many of these gated tennis retirement communities are found in the coastal states where the climate is much more agreeable for the outdoor sport. However, some facilities may offer indoor courts for residents depending on their location.

Take a look at some of the Tennis Retirement Community options that await you:

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