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Seminars at the Expo

Expo_Seminar1Besides the excitement of meeting face to face with dozens of community representatives from around the south and southeast, the ideal-LIVING Resort & Retirement Expo also offers a series of informative seminars.  These presentations are scheduled throughout the day so you can plan to take advantage of them without interrupting your “shopping” in the Ballroom.

Our most popular seminar is the Ideal Retirement Workshop.  We believe that where you live, affects how you live.  This workshop comes with a digest sized magazine that is filled with information on the different state tax rates, yearly climate trends, the most popular community amenities, and much, much more.  Our speaker will guide you through the process of determining exactly what is right for you, and help you to “choose the right place”.

Lifestyle choices have been proven to be a significant factor in a comfortable and healthy retirement.  But what exactly defines a “lifestyle choice”?  Fine dining may be something one enjoys, but ensuring that our culinary delights are both nutritious and healthy may not be so easy to determine.  A representative from Reynolds Plantation, located just outside of Atlanta, will share tips and hints about fitness, health, and how to lead an active lifestyle in the seminar titled How to Live Your Ideal Lifestyle.

Interior_BedroomDecorating a new home is truly something to look forward to!  Interior Design Trends is full of information about “sizing”, particularly “down-sizing”.  Just because your space may be smaller, there is no reason to skimp on amenities.  Making the most comfortable master suites, practical kitchens, and appealing outdoor living spaces are the topics that will be covered in this seminar.

Buying a new home often means selling your old home.  Maximize Your Home Sale is a seminar that will give you the opportunity to learn from a local expert in real estate sales.  Elements such as increasing curb appeal, choosing a realtor, taking advantage of local real estate trends, and other relevant topics that may be of personal interest to you will be covered.  This is another popular seminar, so be sure to RSVP for the Expo to reserve your seat.

Our seminars are a wonderful compliment to the “main event” going on in the Grand Ballroom, but with so much information to share and be absorbed, we think you deserve a little refreshment.  To that end, we offer an informal wine tasting in the Ballroom on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday we begin with Mimosas, served by the hotel butler staff, also in the Grand Ballroom.  RSVP for full details, and enjoy your Expo experience!

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