ROR, the New Measure of Success for Engaging Our Audience

ROR, the New Measure of SuccessROR, the New Measure of Success for Engaging Our Audience
“Your business is what you do, your reputation is what people remember and share.” Have you heard that phrase before? It’s a saying that has turned into a marketing phenomenon. It means the value that is accrued by a person or a brand due to nurturing a relationship. To break it down even more, ROI (return on investment) is about using dollars and cents, while ROR is the value that will accrue over time through brand loyalty and sharing information. This is where social media marketing for our Club comes into play.

If you look at Wycliffe’s Facebook page ( it’s all about building and strengthening relationships with our audience, which is our members, potential members and outside parties. The page is not about advertising; rather it’s about connecting to people and telling a story of Wycliffe. If you’re telling a story that has value and purpose, people listen. Building relationships on social media is about starting a meaningful dialogue and taking the time to genuinely engage in a conversation. As a Country Club on social media, we give people a reason to stay engaged with us. It’s not about getting a reaction from our audience, but rather educating them about who we are through pictures, posts, tweets, video, live streaming and other engagement tools.

Some people think that social media is just about posting a picture online and walking away or a fad that might one day disappear. In fact, it’s been a key outlet for our brand to get recognized by those wanting to learn more about the Wycliffe lifestyle, which includes our real estate, activities, sports clubs and other organizations. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope etc. on a daily basis, has not only increased our web presence, but it also put us a step above many other clubs not putting time into building relationships and loyalty through social media.

Moving forward, 2016 has brought many changes to Wycliffe’s digital marketing efforts, including new ways for us to share our information, build loyalty and engage with potential members. It’s a very exciting time for Wycliffe so connect with us and join in the conversation!

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