Master Planned Communities

Master Planned Communities

“New towns,” or Master Planned Communities are one of the most popular choices for retirees looking for a home. These are generally very large neighborhoods with all the recreational and entertainment amenities residents can imagine. What sets this retirement option apart from others is the incredible sense of community fostered by close proximity.

Putting the “Community” back in Retirement Community

Enjoying Master Planned CommunitiesMany seniors are flocking to Master Planned Communities, or MPCs, for their social outreach. Encouraging a nostalgic sense of neighborly kindness and interaction allows residents to find true comfort within the community. The Retirement Community centers will often throw events for residents, including weekly local farmer’s markets, to include and connect neighbors. Networks of biking, golfing, jogging, and equestrian paths and courses also physically connect the mini-town’s residents to each other.

The list of extraordinary amenities allows neighbors to bond over common interests, beloved or newly found. From sharing a glass of wine with friends in California to learning how to shoot skeet down in Texas, Master Planned Communities focus on keeping you and your loved ones in your happy place together.

A Retirement Resort just for You

There are several types of Master Planned Communities available to satisfy your ideal lifestyle. Because these Master Planned Communities cover so much area, the options to either own your own home or enjoy a short-term lease in the neighborhood are generally available. There are many fantastic options for multigenerational households in an MPC along with options for retired empty-nesters. Another common Master-Planned choice is the Gated Golfing Community, which, of course, will include a wonderful golf course and clubhouse available for residents.

Luxury Master Planned Communities

Craving a hard-earned, pampered existence after retirement? Luxury Master Planned Communities exist and often boast of extensive spa, restaurant, and shopping locations. And if you are worried about healthcare options, most MPC’s have available extensive nursing and clinical care services.

Take a look at all the Master Planned Community options near where you’d like to live:

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