Fireworks and Swimming Holes in North Carolina

Fireworks and Swimming Holes in North Carolina
See Fireworks for Fourth of July and All Summer with Retire NC

Watching fireworks light up the sky is an experience as American as they come. North Carolina offers beautiful backdrops for these bursts of color and sound, in the skies above our mountains, cityscapes and beaches. You’ll find dozens of fireworks shows during Fourth of July weekend – and beyond – attached to long-running festivals and special events.

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Fireworks and Swimming Holes in North Carolina

Nature’s Pool Party: North Carolina Swimming Holes
It’s one of the few things guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again: the swimming hole. And our state has many of these fountains of youth. The better-known – the Sliding Rocks and Skinny Dip Falls – typically lie at the base of a cascade in the Southern Appalachians. But the coast and central regions of North Carolina also have their share of hidden pools where the escape is just as refreshing.

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Fireworks and Swimming Holes in North Carolina

North Carolina Trivia
What North Carolina town is home to the world’s only Presidential Culinary Museum? (Hint: The town is named after a U.S. president.)

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