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Bring your Friends to the expo!

Looking for the ideal destination but will miss your friends? Bring them along! Let them join you on the road to a better lifestyle.

Where you live affects how you live. Why not choose to live in a place that facilitates the lifestyle you desire?
For over 25 years, ideal-LIVING has helped people find their ideal vacation or retirement destination. Come to the Expo and choose a place, lifestyle and home that’s ideal for you.

  • Conveniently compare more than 50 unique lifestyle communities from North and South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and more! All in one location.
  • Speak with community representatives to learn about their communities and special discovery travel opportunities to visit areas.

This is the perfect event for people who are just starting their search or who have already chosen an area and are ready to narrow their choices.

Expo Seminars & Events

Leave behind harsh winters and high taxes. Compare the best places to vacation or retire, all at a location conveniently near you. Location, Location, Location. Compare Your Options

Choose Your Ideal Destination.

Learn how to simplify your search by focusing on key priorities: climate/geography, financial, friends and family and lifestyle. FREE guide includes area maps and descriptions.

Consider Your Ideal Lifestyle.

An ideal lifestyle: living in a way that best reflects one’s priorities. As we age our priorities change. Consider what’s most important to you now, ways to balance your lifestyle, and enjoy ideal living.

Envision Your Ideal Home.
New homes offer many choices – consider open floorplans, universal design, low maintenance, granite verus marble, outdoor living and more. Attend to view and learn options, envision your ideal home.

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