Energy Savings… What If?

Energy Savings... What If?What if…?

What if every American home replaced just one incandescent bulb with an ENERGY STAR compact florescent bulb?

• The annual cost savings would total $700 million.
• It would prevent 9,000,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, the equivalent of 800,000 car emissions.

What if everyone had a timed thermostat?

• The average single family home would save $180 per year.
• Each family’s CO2 output would be reduced by 2,059 pounds per year.
• If 20 million homes installed timed thermostats, it would save $3,600,000,000 annually. It would also save 41 billion pounds of CO2 (the equivalent of 3.4 million cars).

What if everyone turned down their water heater temperature by 10 degrees?

• Every 10 degree reduction results in a 3 to 5 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.
• If 20 million homes reduced their hot water heaters by 10 degrees, $1.18 billion would be saved annually nationwide and 14.6 billion pounds of CO2 would be saved, the equivalent of 1.2 million cars emissions.

What if everyone installed low flow water fixtures?

• You would save 55 gallons of water for every 10-minute shower you took.
• By switching from an eight gallon per minute (gpm) flow to a 2.5 gpm flow, you can save approx $320 per year on water and electricity.
• If 20 million people switched to low-flow shower heads, we’d save 401 billion gallons of water each year.

Do your part to help save the Earth’s resources. Implement these low-cost, cost-saving, energy-saving ideas!

This information is taken from For additional information on energy savings, click here.

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  1. Wow I never realized how much money doing these things could really save.

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