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Panama is located in Central America. Border by Costa Rica and Columbia it has a population of 4 million. The capital city Panama City is home to about 2 million people and is the largest city in Panama. Panama’s climate is a tropical one. Featuring a perfect temperature between 75 and 90 degrees! Of course it is a bit cooler in the mountain regions of Panama. Panama is outside of the hurricane belt but it can be rainy during the rainy season. Average rainfall can be less than 51 inches a year to 118 inches! 40% of Panama are jungles and home to tropical plants and animals found only in Panama! Panama is only a 2.45 hour flight from Miami! Great culture and tourism as well as an economy on the upswing. Visit Panama and retire there today! Or buy a second home! No income or real estate tax!

ideal-LIVING. Find everything in one place. Information on Real Estate, retirement communities, or luxury communities. Magazine or retirement guide for help! Affordable and luxury communities. Panama Pacifico features beachfront property. Enjoy the sand and jungles.

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