Celadon Wellness Center: A Higher Level of Service

Celadon Wellness Center: A Higher Level of Service
By Bethany Tap

The Celadon Club Wellness Center has only been open since April 2, but already, they are changing lives. From helping residents of the Celadon CCWC Pool Spring 4.16community and outside members build daily wellness routines into their lifestyle to providing quality service and even just a listening ear, the staff at Celadon and the Celadon Club Wellness Center are committed to a higher level of service.

With their grand opening coming up on May 23rd from 10am to 1pm, Celadon Club Wellness Center is just getting started and on the road to great things. At the event, there will be demo classes offered, such as yoga. Plus there will be lots of food and raffles. And if you can’t make it to the grand opening, a ribbon-cutting ceremony is taking place at the Club on May 7th. Both events are sure to be as spectacular as the Celadon Club itself.

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Located on Lady’s Island, one of the beautiful sea islands of Beaufort, South Carolina, the Celadon Club serves the Celadon community, but also has a limited number of outside memberships. As the Director of the Celadon Club, Amber Reynolds says, they’re “not just your YMCA”; they’re like a family. And they’re always willing and eager to go the extra mile. That means not just helping you go in and work out, although, of course, that’s a huge part of it. But it also means knowing your birthday and sending you a card. It means keeping supplies of everything from hair ties to shampoo, conditioner, and clean towels.

CeladonClubWC- workout room3First and foremost, though, the Celadon Club is a high-quality fitness center, with what Amber calls a “high-end level of service.” They have state-of-the-art equipment that will attract everyone, from the young to the elderly. The Club also has an amazing outdoor space with a junior-sized Olympic pool, hot tub, plenty of seating, and fireplace.

Amber also believes that part of being “well,” in addition to being fit and healthy, is having an active social life. That’s also part of the “high-end level of service” that Celadon Club offers. It gives residents of the community a chance to interact with and meet their neighbors, as well as other members from the greater community. There’s an internet café in the club and a library, encouraging members to not only come and work out, but linger after and socialize.

Within the fitness center, members can pay a little extra to take specialized classes. There’s yoga, both flow and restorative, for the pro and the beginner. And there’s water aerobics. Plus, more classes will be added as the staff get to further know the wants and needs of their members. “There’s nowhere that compares to here,” Amber says of the wellness center.

Not only is she passionate about the Celadon Club, but her personal stories of members are inspiring. She talks about an elderly club member in her eighties who comes in every day and gets on the treadmills. In her evaluation, the woman said she had trouble with mounting stairs, but after just a few weeks of coming to Celadon Club, she’s already improving. “We know our members,” Amber concludes.

Full Service SpaCeladon Club even has a spa that is open to the general public and where members get a discount. So whether you are there to work out for an hour, to get a half-hour massage, or just to stop by and chat with your friends, Celadon Club is where you’ll want to be.

Do you need to start exercising more and want help building an exercise routine that both challenges you and fits your schedule? The staff at Celadon Club can help with that by doing an initial evaluation and offering you the space, time, and encouragement along the way. In this way and in many others, Celadon is more than just a fitness center. Their high-end service means that they’ll even go so far as to help you remember to drink enough water by texting you reminders. They are that devoted to their members and community.

Remember, there’s a limited amount of outside memberships available to Celadon Club. Act now because you won’t want to miss out on the experience of the fantastic wellness center.

About Celadon

Celadon as a whole is committed to wellness and the Celadon Club is just one piece of the larger puzzle. The developer has made conscious decisions to create an atmosphere that encourages wellness. The streets are a walkable scale to encourage walking to the club, commercial section, to a garden or just to your neighbor’s house. There are trails, open spaces, and gardens to enjoy throughout Celadon! The whole community brings wellness to Celadon and the new Club is just icing on the cake. Celadon is a master planned community with lowcountry architecture, custom built homes, and is only 5 minutes from historic downtown Beaufort and convenient to Lady’s Island.

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