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Timeless Roof Colors

According to national color expert Kate Smith, the most timeless roofing colors used on American homes include black, gray and cedar. And, colors that are gaining popularity in “shaking up” today’s roofs include shades of green, clay and terracotta. Read More »

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2013 Design Trends

Design trends and forecasts for 2013 promise a tranquil architectural style that combines contemporary with traditional elements, such as floral fabric décor layered with abstract and modern art. The eclectic mix can be seen in kitchens and baths. White cabinetry and decorative hoods can be found in the kitchen. Bathrooms boast practical, yet luxurious features, like marble walk-in showers. Home ... Read More »

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Biowalls—The Vertical Garden

Green walls (also known as biowalls, vertical gardens or vertical vegetated complex walls) are wall structures partly composed of or filled in with growing plant matter. More than just easy on the eyes, green walls work like green roofs by filtering air and water, soaking up carbon dioxide and helping lessen the “heat island” effect of urban areas while reducing ... Read More »

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The Future of Clean Energy

There’s a story laced with good news and bad news for every energy type. If you’re confused about which ones are clean and which ones aren’t, you’re not alone. Not-So-Clean Coal An affordable and abundant local fuel in the U.S., coal is also one of the most destructive. Not only does burning coal emit millions of tons of greenhouse gases, ... Read More »

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Energy Savings… What If?

What if…? What if every American home replaced just one incandescent bulb with an ENERGY STAR compact florescent bulb? • The annual cost savings would total $700 million. • It would prevent 9,000,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, the equivalent of 800,000 car emissions. What if everyone had a timed thermostat? • The average single family home would ... Read More »

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Spinning Green into Gold: Eco-nomical Living – Building Smart; Saving the Enviornment and Your Money Too

Green is everywhere. Green economy, green jobs, green revolution, even a green TV channel. In fact, more and more people are going green every day. Even though green building may sound expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some easy ways to build an eco-friendly home that can help save the planet and save you money, too. Going green ... Read More »

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Zero Energy Homes—Affordable Zero Energy and Net Zero Homes Are Now Available and Viable.

Energy… that magical thing that illuminates our world. Few of us actually consider what it takes to generate the power to turn on our lights, run our computers and televisions, or cook our food. The daily “news” today touts “clean energy.” An international summit of 192 countries in Copenhagen met in December 2009 to discuss climate change and clean energy ... Read More »

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South Carolina Community Ahead of The “Green” Curve

AIKEN, SC — In his opening days in office President Barak Obama has called for a national commitment to saving energy, producing alternative forms of energy and reducing the nation’s dependence upon foreign oil – a veritable “Green New Deal” to help restore the American economy. On January 21, just about every developer in the country was planning how to ... Read More »

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The Draw of Green Communities – 10 Environmentally Sensitive Communities

According to the National Land Trust Census, more than 37 million acres in the United States are protected through land trusts. Increasingly, those trusts are being initiated by home and community developers. As more and more home buyers express interest in living in communities that preserve open space and offer energy-efficient building options, developers are building fewer homes on more land and preserving larger areas of green space Read More »

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