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Listening Leads to Innovative Design

It is often said the best things come to those who wait. While often overlooked, the same holds true for those who listen. After eight years of extensive research, planning, innovative design, and most importantly, listening to consumer needs, Stanaland Stewart Company is proud to announce a most innovative multi-family neighborhood. Welcome to the Meeting Park Residences at Devaun Park ... Read More »

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Keeping it Simple in the Country’s Most Popular City

written by Jamie Penn • photographed by Tripp Smith Based in the heart of downtown Charleston in the fabulously-restored, 4-story historical landmark, 95 Broad Street, the Luxury Simplified Group will not only find a home for you, but renovate and decorate it too. Around 1770, when Major Peter Bocquet settled into his newly constructed home on 95 Broad, five years ... Read More »

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Good Wood Never Dies…But it Does Get Walked On

Professional house flippers like Nicole Curtis of the DIY Networks’ ‘Rehab Addict’ live by the mantra that almost every board in an old home has a second, third, or even fourth life left in it. Read More »

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A Master Makeover: Rejuvenate Your Master Bedroom

by Randy Skidmore/Wordwright Publishing Your busy schedule doesn’t stop at home. Where will you go to rest, relax and rejuvenate? Is there an uplifting spot set aside just for you? Thankfully, such a refuge already exists: your master bedroom. It is easy and fun to transform your bedroom from a mere square on your floorplan into a restful and inspiring ... Read More »

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Color Trends

What have Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Haymes come up with for 2014? Read More »

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Timeless Roof Colors

According to national color expert Kate Smith, the most timeless roofing colors used on American homes include black, gray and cedar. And, colors that are gaining popularity in “shaking up” today’s roofs include shades of green, clay and terracotta. Read More »

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2013 Design Trends

Design trends and forecasts for 2013 promise a tranquil architectural style that combines contemporary with traditional elements, such as floral fabric décor layered with abstract and modern art. The eclectic mix can be seen in kitchens and baths. White cabinetry and decorative hoods can be found in the kitchen. Bathrooms boast practical, yet luxurious features, like marble walk-in showers. Home ... Read More »

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Biowalls—The Vertical Garden

Green walls (also known as biowalls, vertical gardens or vertical vegetated complex walls) are wall structures partly composed of or filled in with growing plant matter. More than just easy on the eyes, green walls work like green roofs by filtering air and water, soaking up carbon dioxide and helping lessen the “heat island” effect of urban areas while reducing ... Read More »

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Five Easy Universal Design Principles for New Homes

Building your own home is a life-long dream for many, so why not ensure that you can spend the rest of your life in the home you’ve created? Incorporating universal design principles in custom construction allows you to age in place and appreciate the fruits of your efforts. There’s no need to compromise aesthetics—some of the top universal design principles ... Read More »

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Universal Kitchen Design Allows for Aging in Place

Today’s new technology and universal design practices enable boomers to ‘age in place,’ so they can stay in the comfort of their own homes throughout their lives. This eliminates the need for expensive and stressful moves or remodels later in life due to an all-ages, all-abilities approach. Andie Day, an award-winning interior designer and certified aging in place specialist, is ... Read More »

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