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Ocala, Florida

As seen in the 2016 Winter Issue By Kim Henry With an average year-round temperature of 70 degrees, Ocala, FL, boasts a more than average year-round world of beauty and adventure. Ocala supports a rich equestrian life for breeders, seasoned riders, and visiting newbies alike. Tucked into north central Florida, this town is home to just under 60,000 people, has ... Read More »

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Phoenix, Arizona

Stunning Scenery and Endless Sunshine   As seen in the winter 2016 Ideal-LIVING magazine by N. Gross Floating above Phoenix in a hot air balloon, you’ll experience the spectacular beauty of the colorful Sonoran Desert, and the rugged mountains that define the city’s horizon. Known as The Valley of the Sun, the scenic desert landscape features giant saguaro cacti, red ... Read More »

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Jacksonville, Florida

Where Big and Beautiful Intersect As seen in the Winter 2016 Ideal-Living magazine By Jamie Penn By now, we all know that the state of Florida has some serious perks. Many of us would name warm winters, white sandy beaches, and pristine golf courses as top attractions, and we’d be right. Retirees and vacationers flock to the panhandle for all ... Read More »

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Vacation Home Sales Continue to Soar

  Sales of vacation homes are showing no signs of going on vacation. At least that’s the mood at many luxury master-planned communities or private club and resort-style developments throughout America. Indeed, six months after the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported vacation home sales boomed in 2014 to an all-time high, transactions remained robust in 2015 for many real ... Read More »

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Find Your Escape

Happy homeowners share their stories of how they found their ideal homes. Hilton Head Lakes, Hardeeville, SC Greg and Elaine Bosserman “We love going to the shows [ideal-LIVING Resort & Retirement Expos]. We had gone several years. It was great to have everything in one location so we didn’t have to run around everywhere and search the internet.” From Ellicot ... Read More »

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7 Winning Ways to Get Your Home Sold in Today’s Market

Price Your Home Properly Pricing right is a necessity – pricing your home for sale higher than market price is a recipe for disaster. In some areas, sales are averaging over three to four months. Even in the areas with faster sales only the properly priced homes are selling swiftly. Pricing your home right will guarantee the most potential buyers ... Read More »

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Changes to Social Security Strategies

There are many choices pre-retirees have to make as they approach retirement. One of the most important, yet often underestimated, is when and how to start Social Security benefits. The majority of Americans take social security at the earliest possible age, but is that the right strategy for everyone? No one’s retirement goals or financial situations are identical, therefore, ideal-Living ... Read More »

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Trading in a Snow Shovel for A Pickleball Paddle

What do you do when the snow gets so high that you can barely shovel it? The answer is simple—move to a warmer climate. And, that’s just what Seymour and Patrina Goldstein did in 2014. The Goldsteins had lived in Brookville, MD, for over 40 years. Although they had retired in 2003, they didn’t make the move for 11 more ... Read More »

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Today’s Energy-Efficient Home

By Andy Sinclair. Previously published in the 2016 Winter Issue. Whether Tudor, Colonial, log cabin, Cape Cod, bungalow, Craftsman, A-frame, ranch, Pueblo, bi-level, split level, farmhouse, townhouse, cottage, Adirondack, rammed earth, or geodesic, today’s home can (must) be energy-efficient. In today’s economy, you literally cannot afford to have an energy-inefficient home. What exactly is an energy-efficient home? Some home builders ... Read More »

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Feed and Grow Your Friendly (Gut) Flora

By Jan Cullinane. Previously published in the 2016 Winter Issue. Tom M.’s elderly dad was treated for pneumonia. Following his hospital stay, the 95-year-old Long Islander was placed in a rehab center for additional convalescence and contracted a nasty bacterial infection, C. diff (Clostridium difficile). This bacterium produces a toxin that affects the intestinal lining. Tom’s dad experienced weight loss, ... Read More »

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