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Ideal Destinations Tucson

Ideal Destinations Tucson 2016

We All Want to Get Back A Google search of the phrase “The Beatles Get Back song meaning” yields a laundry list of results, ranging from social commentary on racism toward immigrants, to deep debates on Jo-jo’s true identity. There’s little mention of Tucson—mentioned in the first stanza—which is home to the McCartney family ranch today. If the results were ... Read More »

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A Summer Tour of Middle Tennessee

A Summer Tour of Middle Tennessee

Heart of the Volunteer State To those of us in the other 49 states, Tennessee is probably best known for its prolific contributions to American music—from the bluegrass rhythms of the eastern highlands to Nashville’s fame as “The Country Music Capital of the World” to the legendary blues clubs on Beale Street in Memphis. But here’s another fact that may ... Read More »

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Dive Into an Exotic Tropical Paradise Cost Rica

Tropical Paradise Cost Rica

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica Boasting 80 miles of sparkling shoreline, the Nicoya Peninsula’s most notable feature is its magnificent beaches with their dramatic coastal scenery and charming small villages. The outer, western beaches of the peninsula rim the Pacific Coast and offer some of the best surfing in the world. The inner beaches face the Gulf of Nicoya with endless ... Read More »

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Eco-Friendly Design with a Contemporary Edge

Kalia Luxury Living Communities – Eco-Luxe Life - unspoiled beauty of Costa Rica

Unspoiled Costa Rica… Featuring Renowned Architect, Amnon Dahan “I started seeing unbelievable, contemporary designs that are integrated into the beautiful terrain and into the nature of Costa Rica. That’s when I started seeing people living in harmony with nature, literally allowing the nature outside in, with homes melded into the landscape.” —Amnon Dahan Kalia’s sustainable communities are created to inspire ... Read More »

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A Dive into the Bright Cuisine of the Caribbean

The Bright Cuisine of the Caribbean

Set your watches to island time. We’re about to light up our palates with a leisurely dip into paradise. Some like it hot. Some like it really hot with a side of sweet. Welcome to Caribbean Cuisine 101. This distinctive fare—which spawns from the islands and is ignited by a cultural fusion of African, European, American, and Chinese flavors—is fairly ... Read More »

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Healthy Living Hate Colonoscopies?

Colonoscopies are potentially life-saving, and colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of U.S. cancer deaths (after lung cancer) that affect both men and women

There are Alternatives (and I did one) Colonoscopies are potentially life-saving, and colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of U.S. cancer deaths (after lung cancer) that affect both men and women. More than 50,000 people die each year from colorectal cancer in the United States, even though it tends to be slow-growing and treatable. About 35% of Americans who ... Read More »

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Single Life Looking for Love

Looking for Love?…Find your First Love Do you remember how you felt on the day of your first “real” job interview? I know I experienced a gut-churning mixture of optimism, anxiety, racing heart, exhilaration, and sweaty palms. How about the first time you had to speak in front of a large crowd, ask for a raise, or went parasailing? For ... Read More »

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Lake House – Fantasy Lake Lives

Best Boating Communities - Keowee Key - Salem, SC Travel to Keowee Key | Experience the Community before you buy | retire

Fantasy Lake Lives For my two sisters and me, fun on the lake in the ’60s meant strapping on one of those too big, double-breasted, faded tangerine-colored life vests and getting into a canoe that our father would paddle around in a circle for 15 minutes. Well, these days fun on the lake is a whole different story. From the ... Read More »

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On the Move Cumberland Harbour

Best Boating Communities - Cumberland Harbour - St. Marys, GA

Dream Realized: The Whitlock Family Request More Information from:  What brought you to St. Marys? We had taken a family trip back to Hawaii, but our son could not go. We asked him where he wanted to go for a long weekend when we got back. He had visited Cumberland Island while in high school and decided it would be ... Read More »

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Visit Wilmington Travel Itinerary

Wilmington Communities

Discovery Travel Spotlight on Wilmington, NC Wilmington Communities. An easily accessible coastal destination, Wilmington is a port city bubbling with charm, history, culture, delicious restaurants and natural beauty, making it a highly desirable place to be. There are many planned communities in and around the Wilmington area. In between visits to the communities, take a moment to explore the city ... Read More »

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