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Three Little-Known Words

That Could Change Your Life by Jan Cullinane What if you could modify your genes? Slow the aging process? Increase your lifespan (or as I like to call it, your healthspan)? We hear this advice all the time: Exercise and eat well. Knowing why exercising and good nutrition work at the cellular level can drive a change in behavior and ... Read More »

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Ideal Destinations Lake Norman

Serenity Found on Lake Norman

Serenity Found on Lake Norman If you ever took a design or painting class, you learned that horizontal compositions have a quieting effect on our cerebral activity. No wonder, then, that the families who live there, and visitors who gently pass through, fill their days at Lake Norman just north of Charlotte, NC, with a welcome measure of serenity. While ... Read More »

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Ideal Destinations New Hampshire 2016

35 reasons to visit New Hampshire

Home of the Free: 35 reasons to visit New Hampshire By Jamie Penn True to their state motto, “Live Free or Die,” New Hampshirites aren’t known to put on airs. And the beauty of it is that they don’t have to. The charm of New Hampshire is that it’s everything most people could want in a state, but there’s not ... Read More »

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The Temazcal Experience

The Temazcal Experience - Tao Inspired Living

The Temazcal Experience Part of the ancient Mayan experience is alive and well at the TAO Wellness Community near Akumal on the coast. The Wellness Center is a sanctuary for health, relaxation, and a soothing of the body, mind, and spirit in a community that stresses fitness and living well. The facility includes a fully equipped gym, a yoga classroom, ... Read More »

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ideal destinations Bluffton 2016

Bluffton: A Unique State of Mind by Emily Colin Ask any longtime resident to describe the town of Bluffton, SC, and more than likely they’ll reflect on the easygoing pace of life, the beauty of the May River, the sense of community and the kindness of the people who call Bluffton home. Dig a little deeper and you’ll unearth vignettes ... Read More »

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ideal destinations Chattanooga 2016

Chattanooga: High and Mighty The story of a city that finds itself, and one man who follows suit. By Jamie Penn Growing up in Kentucky, “See Rock City” billboards were nearly as prevalent as exit signs along Interstate 65. And, the way Chattanooga rolled off my seven-year-old tongue made me want to live in Rock City land. When my brother ... Read More »

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ideal destinations Arkansas 2016

Fresh Air and Folksy Therapy: An Atmosphere Only Found in Arkansas By Emily Hackeling A trip to Arkansas brings you to the crossroads of rural charm, hip Southern twang, and true appreciation for Mother Nature. The state is home to such unique attractions as the highest mountains between the Appalachians and the Rockies, the nation’s only active diamond mine, and ... Read More »

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Grand Beach Vacations

by JG Walker Grab your flip flops, swimsuits, and sunscreen because there’s no greater delight than a beach trip with the grandkids. You already know about the big-name destinations, so this edition of “Grand Vacations” highlights some locations that are slightly off the beaten path, but sure to delight every seeker of seaside sun and fun. THE OUTER BANKS OF ... Read More »

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Hop Along for the Ride

Exploring the Explosion of America’s Craft Breweries by Fanny Slater If it looks like a beer, pours like a beer, and tastes like a beer—it’s probably a duck. Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout, that is. Gone are the days where you could belly up to the bar and simply say, “I’ll take a beer, Sam.” (Although to put yourself in that scene, ... Read More »

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Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula

Not everything on the Yucatan Peninsula revolves around white sand beaches, endless sun, partying, and the world-class amenities of huge resorts and hotels. by William Burr The region in and around the Riviera Maya also has some of the best Mayan ruins to be found anywhere in Mexico. From Cancun in the north, a modern highway follows the coast all ... Read More »

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