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Eco-Tourism Thrives in Costa Rica

Although it’s a small country, about the size of West Virginia, Costa Rica has incredible biodiversity with scenic beaches, lush rain forests, impressive volcanoes and exotic wildlife. As avid travelers grow tired of hotel-lined beaches and crowded theme parks, they turn to the more exotic adventures offered by ecotourism. This relatively new trend in tourism takes travelers to remote corners of the ... Read More »

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Fit Over Fifty: Tips for Living Better & Healthier

Tips for Living Better and Healthier You moan and groan more. Your ankles and knees may crack or pop. And that gift certificate for a free workout with a personal trainer you got for Christmas … well, it’s now June. Face it, staying in shape in midlife through retirement has its challenges. Still, maintaining good overall health is one of ... Read More »

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Team Up to Slim Down & Stay Sharp

Summer is the season to get out, break a sweat and shed some of the accumulated baggage that’s been depressing your scales since last winter. We all talk about getting more exercise as part of a healthier lifestyle, but then we let those necessary appointments and unexpected commitments get in the way. You don’t have to read a scientific study ... Read More »

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Introducing…Living Single

I’m pleased to announce that ideal-LIVING is inaugurating a new column, “Living Single.” And, I’m delighted that I’ll be your guide. Why a column devoted to singles? Let me offer several reasons: Crunch the Numbers More than half of all American adults are single, and 42 percent of people 45 and older are divorced, widowed or have always been single. ... Read More »

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Catch the Colors in Zion National Park

America is blessed with 58 national parks that embrace some of the most diverse, pristine and awe-inspiring nature in the world. Designated in 1919, Zion is Utah’s oldest and most visited National Park, with around 3.5 million visitors soaking up all that it has to offer every year. With its striking vertical topography, around 800 native plant species and the ability ... Read More »

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Quintessentially Southern… With a Twist

North Carolina Gated Communities | Carolina Colours Boats Docked

The Charming Coastal Town of New Bern New Bern, N.C., is a classic Southern town steeped in rich southeastern tradition with an upbeat, progressive vibe that keeps it growing. History is alive in the charming Southern town of New Bern. It gently blends with the modern nuances of renovated and updated areas of town and is preserved like a beacon ... Read More »

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The 2015 Best of 50+ Housing Awards

DOWNLOAD ideal-LIVING Magazine App for FREE on iTunes, Google Play, & Amazon! Apple, the apple logo, & iPad are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Google & its logo are trademarks of Google Inc., Amazon & its logo are trademarks of Amazon Inc. Read More »

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Tribute Homes’ Ideal Home Preview

Previously published in the Summer 2015 ideal-LIVING Magazine. Ideal Home Preview. ideal-LIVING magazine is pleased to announce that Tribute Homes is placing the finishing touches on a 2015 Ideal Home in Brunswick Forest near historic Wilmington, NC. The home will be featured in the fall issue of ideal-LIVING magazine and at the fall ideal-LIVING Resort & Retirement Expos, but we ... Read More »

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Net Neutrality and Why You Should Care

By Steve G. Swart. Previously published in the 2015 Summer issue. Understanding the Internet and who controls it Do you even remember life before the Internet? Now we Facebook® our vacation, Pin our favorite foods, watch favorite instructional videos on YouTube®, shop on Amazon®, buy a lawn mower off Craigslist® and Google® just about everything else. The primary driving factor ... Read More »

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Unplugged, Not Disconnected – Modern Lifestyles on Two Carolina Islands

By JG Walker. Previously published in the 2015 Summer Issue. Most of the developed islands along the American Atlantic coastline have bridges that connect them with the mainland. So that we and a few hundred (or thousand) of our new anonymous neighbors can “get away from it all” by driving straight to paradise—and immediately recreating the same giant 24-hour parking ... Read More »

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