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Discover Your Ideal Lifestyle at the Ideal-LIVING Expo

ideal-LIVING magazine is proud to present our Fall Expo series to help you discover your ideal life. We have assembled communities of various price points from around the Eastern United States, along with communities from Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic to make it easier for you to find your ideal place. You may already be fortunate enough to ... Read More »

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2015 Aurora Awards

Design competition of the Southeast Building Conference Award-winning designs provide creative motivation for your new home. The 2015 Aurora Awards were presented in July 2015 at the Florida Home Builders Association-sponsored Southeast Building Conference in Orlando. ideal-LIVING magazine sponsors the awards annually to showcase outstanding designs and building innovations. Josh Wynne Construction of Sarasota won the coveted Golden Aurora Award ... Read More »

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Why fi? A New Spin on Existing Technology

Project Fi is Google’s experimental and possibly disruptive foray into the mobile communications market. Their experiment is to not build a single cell tower— it only supports one model of phone, and is available by invite only. How can this be a business plan, let alone disrupt the wireless business?   House divided First understand that the United States is ... Read More »

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7 Lifestyle Hacks to Lose (almost) 17 Pounds (almost) Effortlessly

by Jan Cullinane. Previously published in the 2015 Fall Issue. I love the articles about people who have lost 100, 200 and 300 or more pounds. Their stories are inspiring and riveting, and I find their before and after photos mesmerizing. But, what about people who would like to lose 20 or so pounds? Those who don’t want/don’t need/can’t afford/aren’t ... Read More »

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ideal Southern Towns

Have you ever wondered where is the best sushi in Port St. Lucie, Florida? Or, which town has the best riverwalk? In the Fall 2015 issue of ideal-LIVING, we highlight 35 ideal southern towns from Knoxville to Ft. Myers, giving you great places to visit, along with savory eateries and top things to do. For those who love the outdoors, ... Read More »

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Publisher’s Note

Fall Escapes by Michael Hackeling • [email protected]  “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”   F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Autumn is a great time for travel and discovery. The weather is cooler, the excitement of summer vacation has passed and most people are back to their work routine, permitting travel at a less hectic, ... Read More »

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Life in a College Town

Learning hubs offer more than credit classes By JG Walker. Previously published in the 2015 Fall Issue. If you’re preparing to retire or relocate in the coming years, consider choosing a college town as your destination. If you’ve already got your sights set on a particular location, then find out about the universities, private colleges or technical schools that are ... Read More »

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ideal towns >> new bern, nc

New Bern – A Charming Historic Coastal Town by Kim Henry ew Bern is not only the birth place of Pepsi-Cola, home to a multitude of cultural festivals and the second oldest town in North Carolina, but it has just completed a $65 million History Center, which is raising the bar on museum experiences across America, making this riverside town ... Read More »

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ideal towns >> amelia island, fl

Amelia Island — Awe-inspiring in Harmony with Nature by Scott Kauffman hen the Sea Pines Company started developing Amelia Island Plantation 25 years ago in northeast Florida, the ground-breaking company set an ambitious goal of creating and operating a residential resort community that was harmonious with nature to the highest order. Sea Pines Co., led by Charles E. Fraser, was ... Read More »

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Roam Alone: A Guide for Single Travel

By Jan Cullinane. Previously published in the 2015 Fall Issue. Solo travelers make up more than 11 percent of leisure travelers in the United States, according to the U.S. Travel Association, and this number will continue to increase. After all, in 2014, the number of single American adults outnumbered those who are married. Travel tops many retirement to-do lists, and ... Read More »

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